We help you take small, smart steps on the path to long-term, sustainable growth

We help successful companies create their next tech product

We help successful companies create their next tech product

Fixed prices, higher quality, and more freedom with BLDR.

And we'd love to partner with your team.

Service Packages

  • Websites
  • Mobile Apps 
  • SaaS Platforms
  • Ui/Ux Prototyping


See your product come to life and know what you're getting into before a big commitment to code. Often in just 8 weeks, we define the scope of your project in detail, fully design the user experience, and create ready-to-code technical requirements and development tasks.

Once we're done, we'll get fixed-price bids from our trusted development partners who are the right fit to bring the designs to life. And if you'd prefer to use your in-house team or find your own, you'll have everything you'll need to do it.

We manage the development process all the way through launch so that you can focus on the rest of your business. This includes milestone-based demos and well as thorough pre-launch quality assurance testing.

Our process puts your business needs first. It enables you to:

  • Start with a small, fixed-price investment rather than going all-in
  • Choose from multiple fixed-price engineering bids rather than a single hourly rate
  • Take time tweaking the user experience rather than wrestling with expensive code
  • Have easy regular check-ins rather than constantly answering technical questions

BLDR provided us with white-glove service – working with us to hone our vision by providing expert front-end design advice, delivering a high-quality product that is designed with the back-end developer and end-user in mind, and most importantly—cost-effective.

Co-founder of Digital LinCS & Chief Executive Officer of Community Expert Solutions, Inc.
Allison Mathews, Ph.D., MA

I think BLDR is excellent for clients that know what they want to say and want to create something unique to their brand. The selling points for us were their process, their active design approach, the best-in-class development, and the fixed-price contract. 

Owner & Operations Manager of Outdoor Dreams
Mike Newberger

Product Architecture Deliverables

UI/UX Design System Documentation

A lot more than just solid user-experience and user-interface designed screens, our design documentation helps developers build, more accurately, faster, and makes building future features a breeze to roll out. 

Product Discovery

Not every idea or opportunity needs further discovery. However, some would highly benefit from deeper validation before a big investment. We talk with customers to further validate assumptions so you can make more informed decisions using real data. 

Predictable Development

When it's time to build out from the documented blueprints, we provide you with multiple fixed-price bids from the best teams we've found. We provide management options to make sure we execute smoothly and launch on-time.

Technical Documentation

We also create comprehensive, ready-to-build, technical documentation to further reduce uncertainty and save you tons of time and money.


Product Discovery Interviews

Test and validate your ideas and opportunities by interviewing potential or existing customers. We'll create interview scripts, help run interviews, and create surveys to turn gut feelings and hunches into actionable data.

Prototype Build and Testing

Sometimes you need to mitigate the risks related to business viability or product usability and both require a prototype. To learn about business viability, we will create a no-code experiment to roll out to a paying group of beta customers. To learn about usability, we'll turn the product designs into a clickable prototype to run task-based usability tests


Great products need a great visual identity to support them. We can create a new logo, style guide, and even name for a new company or product. For existing companies, we can also refresh an old identity to make it feel current and complimentary to the new product.


Between 16 and 32 weeks. We break up each project into two phase. First phase is Product Architecture. Second phase is Development. Product Architecture phase consists of a fixed timeline at 8 weeks. Depending on the technical build, the Development phase can extend anywhere between 8 and 24 weeks.

We provide fixed-prices for you budget accordingly. Our payment structure is broken out between Product Architecture and Development + Management.

  • Product Architecture: 50% downpayment, 25% at 4 weeks , 25% at the end of 8 weeks.
  • Development: 50% downpayment, 25% at 4 weeks , 25% at the end of 8 weeks.
  • Management: Fixed weekly price and is dependent on longevity of development.

BLDR is tech agnostic. We define specs upfront and determine a recommendation for most viable route per customer/user and business needs.

We do offer services to manage the project from end-to-end to better provide quality assurance of project delivery up into product launch. These services expenses are not included in the Product Architecture phase. Although we recommend managing the project, if you’d like someone else internally or externally to manage it you have the liberty to do so.

We do. We can either adapt our product architecture deliverables to the limitations of a determined tech-stack or provide tech stack recommendations to hire in-house.

Development: We provide you with full-access to our dev partners. Instead of going through us, you will go through them directly. Maintenance fees vary from partner to partner. Product or design: We provide an engagement of 16 hours maximum per week for 8 weeks minimum.