Regulr was the very first company that we got to cofound. Founder Stephen Dodge came to use with an initial concept for creating a marketplace for cause-centered brands called SeenIt.

However, by using the Serial Method, we had the ability to pivot early and create Regulr, a customer intelligence platform that helps tip the scales back towards local brick and mortar businesses.



Opportunity Research

Opportunity Research

For the original concept, we had to interview both customers and brands to validate whether or not a marketplace would solution to some painful problems or if we would need to discover a new direction.

Creating Regulr

Creating Regulr

Keeping the original market of retail and leveraging the founders customer service expertise for years of working at Nordstrom, using technology to improve the human side of the customer experience became our new target.



We created the first prototype of Regulr using bluetooth beacons to answer a simple question: does greeting customers by name affect business outcomes? The short answer: yes.

Regulr empowers brick and mortar retailers to offer personalized experiences to every customer through

  1. Notifications the moment an opted-in customer walks in
  2. Notes on what they like and dislike
  3. Recommendations on how to serve an individual customer
  1. highly targetable reporting 
  2. powerful visualizations
  3. year-over-year insights

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