Outdoor Dreams


When we got to know the team at Outdoor Dreams, we were shocked at how like-minded we were. Passionate about quality, process, and making our clients happy with work that we could be proud of. 

They built their business on creating beautiful outdoor living spaces and needed a website that communicated the quality and care that they put into every project.

db_page layout


For any website that is a business' primary means of customer acquisition, the project started by getting to know the different types of customer and channels that they frequent. 

Our mission was to create a well-designed site that would make their customers feel at ease about a big investment. We worked with them to reimagine how to better facilitate their process to prospective clients

We had the privilege of putting together that we had wanted to work with for a long time: Zhenya Rynzhuk
on design and Rebellion 7 on development.


Design Documentation

We set up an atomic structure design with additional instructions to hand off to our development team. 

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