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Luke Rabin

Luke Rabin

Product Lead

Brandon Lewis

Brandon Lewis

Design Lead

Luke Rabin and Brandon Lewis have had the rare privilege of gaining much of their combined 20 years experience in the earliest days of many exciting companies. Though that statement usually is followed by an illustrious financial windfall, theirs mostly led to a lot of lessons learned the hard way, like "if you've got a great idea to make something, don't start making something." Though it was a relentless rollercoaster, it gave them the insight and opportunity to start BLDR so that others could fair well on their first try, rather than their tenth. Proud Richmonders living five blocks apart, Brandon and his wife Ashley have three amazing kids, and Luke and his wife Julia have way too many cats and a cat-sized human on the way.

What drives our results

  1. 1Bravery
    What we do is difficult, scary, and worthwhile. We fight for focus and tell the truth as our only hope to cut through the chaos.
  2. 2Humility
    Our most formidable foe is ourselves. Our pride and ego can, and will, ruin all that we care about and is treated as public enemy #1.
  3. 3Empathy
    The only way to change a noisy and broken world is to shut up and listen. We want to be givers of good gifts, and to do that, we need to know and love those who receive them.
  4. 4Hospitality
    We give our all to create products and experiences that communicate our care to those we have, and haven’t met yet. Every time, and for everyone.

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